Easy Steps to Double Your Machine’s OEE

September 19 - 21, 2022 | San Antonio, TX

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Tuesday, September 20 | 8:00am-12:00pm

Wednesday, September 21 | 8:00am-12:00pm

*Requires additional registration and fee outside of full conference

Les Pickering, Packaging Expert and President of Quadrant5 (Industry Consultant worldwide), will share his work and the results from their 2022 Campaign, Performance PLUS™. Les is going to introduce you to the steps you can implement that will double OEE results in your plant. Les began introducing OEE to North American Packaging Plants in 1997 and he is here to offer you a surefire method to double your machines’ OEE.

Learning Outcomes

Les will present this methodology to you and show its success in plants across the world and show you examples of the outstanding results. Les is going to show you the step-by-step process that you can take back to your plant and begin the process on your own. 

The goal of Quadrant5’s Performance PLUS™ strategy is to increase productivity up to 20%. This strategy can apply to FFG’s, RDC’s, and Specialty Folder Gluers. As you begin to implement this process, you will see your OEE change and evolve until you too can reach a high percentage in OEE reduction.

Meet Your Instructor

Les brings over 40 years of experience in international process improvement, manufacturing and operations. He is a recognized Toyota Production System specialist who has implemented successful transformation methodologies within the Packaging, Beverages, Large Warehousing, Plastics and Automotive industries. Les has been involved and led teams that implemented state of the art, world-class manufacturing facilities. Les was responsible for several major installations that consistently outperform comparative processes two to five fold. Recent development in digital print and conversion has brought about several digital installations, together with full development of a first all-digital print and cut facility in Santiago, Chile. Les has gathered and shared best practices from three continents - Europe, Australia and The Americas. In the last five years have brought Q5 into the digital space in packaging. Having completed many installations and a complete all digital facility, the first in South America. He spends a lot of time moving teams from Analogue to Digital and has presented in Canada, the US and Chile focused on digital sales to meet their customers ever changing needs.