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September 19 - 21, 2022 | San Antonio, TX

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TAPPI Press is known as an industry leader for publishing reliable and practical publications and training products created and peer reviewed by industry experts for professionals and students alike.

CORRWEEK 2022 attendees can take advantage of a 15% Discount on select TAPPI Press Publications by purchasing with registration. Pick-up onsite at the event and SAVE ON SHIPPING!

This is a great time to refresh or master new skills and restock your corporate or personal library. Offer applies to print AND eBook formats. 

These titles have been selected just for this event:


The Corrugated Container Manufacturing Process
Describes the entire process of manufacturing corrugated containers. In addition to detailed explanations, the book also features practical troubleshooting tips, and a discussion of common problems and solutions within each major section.


Corrugated Defect / Remedy Manual, Sixth Edition – Print 
A basis for common knowledge of terms, definitions, and methods of correction of corrugated operational defects. The manual illustrates and provides causes, and remedies for hundreds of defects affecting corrugated boxes.  Divided into four parts: Corrugated Problems; Printing Problems; Die Cutting Problems; and Finishing and Manufacturers’ Joint Problems.    


Corrugator Bonding:  A TAPPI Press Anthology of Published papers, Second Edition 
Back in print, this anthology includes the work of researchers around the world on corrugator bonding and gives a better understanding of research findings on the properties of linerboard and corrugating medium as well as the variables that contribute to improved bonding.


Critical Thinking in Converting
Illustrates many different problem-solving techniques by example.  The plant-proven tools introduced in this unique book will help you quickly find solutions to your toughest problems.  Once the problem is truly understood, solution options follow easily.  While technical, the reader only needs a working knowledge of terminology and concepts that are common in web manufacturing and converting.


Corrugated Adhesives Preparation, Fifth Edition
Provides the box plant with a practical and useful tool to make better starch adhesives as well as see better bond quality. The manual also features the informative chapter, "Troubleshooting - Starch Adhesives and the Corrugated Bond".  A “Must Have Book” for anyone operating a corrugator.

Flexographic Terms: A Glossary of Terms Used in Flexographic Printing on Corrugated Board
This glossary defines hundreds of terms commonly used in flexographic printing and pre-press operations. It will be a valuable reference for everyone involved in converting and printing.

Corrugator Monitor
This unique manual presents information on recognizing and correcting quality defects in combined board. Includes both English and Chinese translations.


Corrugator Roll Wear Measurement
Report lists and describes six methods of measuring corrugator roll wear;  pressure profiles (NCR strips), staining (copper sulfate), micrometer/depth dial gauge, roll impressions, noncontact measurement, and IPC/McMahon abrasiveness.  Advantages and disadvantages for each method are listed. Causes and suggested remedies are also provided.


Corrugated Crossroads:  A Reference Guide for the Corrugated Container Industry


Mechanics of Rollers
Combines the science of web handling with the application of rollers. Covers design, application, and maintenance for rollers of all sizes, shapes, and webs. A comprehensive, easy-to-use reference containing figures, tables, and design equations, plus bibliography, glossary, and index.  A valuable reference for anyone involved in buying, selling, or specifying rollers, as well as machine designers, process engineers, and maintenance personnel.


The Web Handling Handbook
A comprehensive guide to all technical aspects of handling or processing thin flexible materials written for anyone working with webs and web processes. A first of its kind to comprehensively describe and discuss the wide range of technical aspects related to handling webs, illustrates applied engineering principles, and provides easy-to-understand calculations that inform how web systems are designed, maintained and operated.  (Discount does not apply to this publication.)


Winding:  Machines, Mechanics and Measurements                                                
A definitive book on the science of winding.  A three-part book (with supplemental CD) describes the various classes and arrangements of winding machinery found in the web industries including discussion of controls and defects; how roll stresses and roll defects can be predicted by mathematical models and what factors are important; methods for measuring and evaluating wound roll quality; how and why many wound roll defects occur based on winding models that have matured to the point of trustworthy application.

More than a Box – Box Plant 101 – DVD                                                                
An interactive training video on How Boxes Are Made.  Learn the corrugated manufacturing process from seedling to box. This self-paced instructional video takes you through each stage for producing a quality box. Includes comprehension questions to ensure students learn and understand the process as well as a view of a typical box plant, how a quality box is made, an overview of the corrugator and review of materials handling.  Recommended for new employee orientation as well as general promotion of the corrugated process.  TAPPI PRESS in conjunction with Green Bay Packaging.

Handbook for Pulp and Paper Technologists, FOURTH Edition (SMOOK BOOK)                
The Handbook for Pulp and Paper Technologists (The SMOOK Book), is by far the best-selling text to introduce the entire technology of pulp and paper manufacture. The major objective of the fourth edition was to provide a readable, up-to-date, comprehensive textbook. The book features 27 chapters covering all aspects of pulping and papermaking.

Also available in SPANiSH.

Paper and Board Grades                                                                                          
This book covers the most important grades of papers and boards in the international markets. Classification is based on that used by the European forest industry companies, with the main division being:   printing and writing papers, paperboards, tissue, and specialty papers.  Each group is divided into subgroups and main grades and the grades are examined in view of the end uses, raw material composition, and manufacturing technology. Air-laid papers are dealt with in a separate group. Part of the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by the Finnish Paper Engineers’ Association.  (Discount does not apply to this publication.)


Paper and Paperboard Converting, Second Edition                                            
Focuses on the principal features of web converting, discusses the typical unit operations involved, and describes the converted products themselves.  Part of the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by the Finnish Paper Engineers’ Association.  (Discount does not apply to this publication.)

Corrugated Container Waste Management System – DVD SET


Also available in Spanish!

Manejo de Desperdicio de Contenedores Corrugados Serie Completa


DVD 1:  Peel Waste, Material Handling, Converting Waste


DVD 2:  Misalignment Waste, Waste from Warp, Side Trim, End Trim and Scheduling Waste, Core and Splice Waste


DVD 3:  Waste from Stops and Order Changes, Walk through a Boxplant, Waste from Bonding Problems

AICC Products


Understanding Box Performance 4th Edition

AICC and FBA have jointly developed this brochure to be a simple, non-technical document to assist sales managers, sales representatives, customer service representatives and others in understanding the relationships between box compression strength, corrugated board edge crush test (ECT) and burst strength (Mullen) so the box maker and customer can together the optimum solution to the customer’s needs.


Key Characteristics of Linerboard and Medium 3rd edition

Entendiendo las Caracteristicasdel Carton Liner y Medium (Spanish)

This updated brochure is intended to provide corrugators, sheet feeders, sheet plants and their suppliers with selected criteria to evaluate various containerboard grades. With the template provided you can evaluate your purchasing options for your corrugator operations and which grades are the best in class and value. 


Hazardous Materials Guide 3rd Edition

The 3rd Edition of this valuable AICC publication covers the latest rules and regulations for paperboard containers manufacture for shipment and protection of hazardous materials. 


2022 Salary, Hourly Wage & Benefits Report

The salary and benefit survey of AICC's box plant members produced Bi-annually represents the only comprehensive report of the key employee salaries and benefits being paid by independent corrugated converters in the U.S. Broken down by region and plant type, it includes hourly wage rates for selected positions as well as percentages paid by employees for health care and other benefits.


2021 Sales Compensation Report

Based on a comprehensive survey of U.S. members, the survey details sales compensation programs in place at independent plants around the country. The report covers types of programs, payment basis, and the perquisites provided for a range of industry sales positions.

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TAPPI Press is known as an industry leader for publishing reliable and practical publications and training products created and peer reviewed by industry experts for professionals and students alike.