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2018 Job Descriptions Guide | Electronic- Non-Members $295 | AICC Members - $195

Many roles and responsibilities have changed due to new customer needs, company goals, and available technology. Job descriptions should take into account the expanded skill sets now required.

The descriptions included in this publication serve as a starting point or template to develop accurate job descriptions for all major positions in atypical mid to large converting plant.

These positions have been divided into sections: Office/Administrative, Sales/Customer Service, General Plant, all applicable to any plant regardless of substrate, then plant specific positions sections for corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box manufacturers.

2018 Salary, Hourly, Wage & Benefit Report | Non- Members $350 | AICC Members $195

The salary and benefit report of AICC's box plant members represents the only comprehensive report of the key employee salaries and benefits being paid by independent corrugated converters in the United States. Broken down by region and plant type, it includes hourly wage rates for selected positions as well as percentages paid by employees for health care and other benefits.


Hazardous Materials Guide | Non- AICC Members | $250 AICC Members - $125

The 2nd Edition of this valuable AICC publication covers the latest rules and regulations for paperboard containers manufacturer for shipment and protection of hazardous materials. Shipment of hazardous materials via common carrier, ship and especially air continue to grow and change. To manufacture boxes for hazardous materials you have to follow certain marking, training, hazard communication, and quality control requirements. This booklet is an invaluable reference for the paperboard packaging manufacturer.


Flexo Color Guide | Non- Members $90 | AICC Members $75

The Color Guide is a critical companion for ink, corrugated companies, and their customers who desire the most accurate color match when printing on corrugated substrates. The Edition X includes inks printed on both white top and natural (brown) substrates. In addition, it also includes inks from the previous edition, along with two grey inks from Edition VIII.


Online Employee Aptitude Test ($75)

A specially developed test that assists employers determine which potential hires are likely to succeed as machine operators BEFORE they are hired - helping to reduce turnover and hiring costs and increase productivity and bottom-line performance. This 60-minute online test measures mental abilities, motivation/interests, and personality characteristics. The results are compared against those of top operators and a comprehensive profile of the applicant is provided after the evaluation is completed.

The test is available to one candidate.


Anti-Trust Compliance Manual | $25

AICC General Counsel David comprehensive policy guidelines for adhering to the nation's antitrust laws, covering price fixing, price discrimination, and dealing with distributions as well as tie-ins, termination and licenses.



AICC Products & Pubs Warehouse Sale:

SafetyFirst DVD (English/Spanish)                            $395                       Now $150

A corrugated specific DVD covering the most important aspects of plant and equipment safety in corrugator and sheet plants. This is a great source for training new employees or serves as a refresher for veterans of the industry. It's never too late to learn about the dangers and hazards, and how to protect yourself and your employees.


Human Resource Management Guide                   $195                       Now $100

A comprehensive handbook prepared to assist your HR department with policies and procedures to help establish the company’s expectations. The handbook contains general information and guidelines presented in clear and easy language that can be incorporated into any company’s employee handbook.


Welcome on Board                                                         $145                       Now $75

The Welcome on Board Guide is a tool, template, and starting point for developing a company specific process in training new employees. The Guide is divided into four main sections (On Boarding and Orientation, Process of Implementation, Roles & Process Owners, Phases & Key Activities) and includes sample checklists, communication plans, manager tools and a resource guide for employees. These documents are provided in both hard copy and electronic format to allow you to incorporate company specific wording.


Sales Compensation 2017 Report     $195                       Now $95                           

Based on a comprehensive survey of U.S. and Canadian members, the survey details sales compensation programs in place at independent plants around the country. The report covers types of programs, payment basis, and the perquisites provided for a range of industry sales representatives.



Equipment Justification Guide                                   $195                       Now $100

Making the correct and best selection of new or used capital equipment begins with a well-informed understanding of your company’s needs and the technology available to meet those needs. This guide provides you with a formula to assess both need and value when considering the purchase of capital equipment as well as a checklist that you can use to evaluate and compare different options. A list of critical questions is also included --- the questions we most often forget to ask before the equipment arrives.



Understanding the Key Characteristics of Linerboard and Medium and their Impact on Container Corrugated Board                                       $35                         Now $15

Converters need to have a greater knowledge about every aspect of their operations, especially obtaining the highest quality linerboard and corrugating medium for the purchasing dollar. Material selection is critical in meeting customer needs, especially in the area of demonstrating sustainability and creativity in packaging design and engineering. This updated brochure is intended to provide corrugators, sheet feeders, sheet plants and their suppliers with selection criteria to evaluate various containerboard grades. With the template provided you can evaluate your purchasing options for your corrugator operations and which grades are the best in class and value.